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Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill Covers - $45.00

High quality custom fit covers for your Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill. Extend your grill's life by covering it from the elements!

Specify model of grill in the drop-down box below. CPG-969 is the large grill; CPG-627 is the small grill.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill Cover

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro and Competition Grill Fan - $45.00

Pellet Pro Fan

Smoke Daddy Heat Deflector - $35.00

Standard heat deflector useful for our Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grills and for use with our Pellet Pro hopper assemblies. Can also be used in custom built smokers and grills.

Made of heavy 13 gauge steel!

Smoke Daddy Heat Deflector

Metal gauge

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro and Competition Grill Pellet Auger Motor - $45.00

Can fit in many pellet grills including Smoke Daddy pellet Pro pellet grill. Auger feeds pellets into burn chamber. The auger runs at 2 RPM.

Pellet Auger Motor

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro and Competition Grill Hot Rod - $35.00

Pellet Pro Hot Rod

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Complete Hopper Assembly - $350.00

Auger Length

If you are looking for a complete hopper assembly to rebuild your old pellet grill, or even to build your own, this is for you.

All you need to mount this into your existing or custom pellet grill, is a rectangular hole 4-1/4" by 5-1/4". The hopper assemblies come in two lengths - 12" from center of burn pot to edge of hopper, and also 18" from center of burn pot to edge of hopper. Select the size you need from the drop down box:

Hot Rod and RTD Probe included!

Pellet Pro Hopper Assembly

Pellet Pro Hopper Assembly hot rod

Shown here is a Pellet Pro Hopper Assembly attached to a Weber WSM grill. Those interesting in performing a conversion on such a grill to utilize the Pellet Pro Pellet Hopper, are welcome to call us for instructions or pricing on custom made mounting brackets.

Click a thumbnail to open a larger image

We have sold many pellet hoppers to those building their own pellet grill or smokers; This video shows one use of our pellet hopper on YouTube. Be sure to look for other applications of our products on YouTube, and also check out Smoke Daddy's channel!

Smoke Daddy Cooking Apron

These are three-pocketed heavy duty aprons. Show your friends you are the Smoke Daddy pitmaster of the neighborhood!
Smoke daddy tshirt

Smoke Daddy T-Shirt - $25.00

Includes the Smoke Daddy Inc. Voodoo barbecue team's signature dry rub recipe.

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Womens Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro:

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Womens Sizes

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