Pellet Pro® BBQ Pellet Grills & Pellet Hopper Assemblies

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Our Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills are made only from top quality 13-14 gauge heavy duty steel construction.  Comparable to other brands, the Pellet Pro® has added features such as a side utensil rack, bottom storage rack, half-rack for added grilling space, and state of the art Digital Controller.  We at Smoke Daddy pride ourselves in our Customer Service and always try to assist in the fabrication of customers' custom smokers using our Pellet Pro® Pellet Hopper Assemblies. 

A family company that believes in Quality Products, Competitive Prices, and Excellent Customer Service.  Period.

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Introducing.... The Pellet Pro® Jen-U-Wine Jerry™ Edition Pellet Grill

There are other pellet grills out there, and there will always be others offering the same product type, but when it comes to customer service, custom installations, product backing, and shipping costs there is No Competition! Our quality inspection and control teams are very thorough andinspect every unit that goes out the door to ensure that our quality standards are upheld.  Any questions, simply give us a call at (847) 336-1329 and our team of pellet grilling & smoking veterans are more than happy to assist

Now offering our Exclusive* PID Controller©, the ONLY pellet grill controller with Autotuning Algorithm Technology™  that can be set in 5 degree increments and holds your set temp within 5 degrees. It also comes with a 5ft meat probe. 

View our NEW* Refrigerator Conversion Video for converting a refrigerator into a pellet smoker.

Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills

Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills

Pellet Pro® Pellet Hopper Assemblies

(Now with Universal Mounting Capabilities)

Most pellet grills in the market do not produce the amount of smoke that customers' are looking for.  We offer the Pellet Pro® Grills with a Big Kahuna Cold Smoker Attachment to produce a high quality smoke that can be used while cooking or by its self, a unique option that only Pellet Pro® can provide. In addition, choose your preferred style of controller between our previous style to our Exclusive PID Controller©.

We do recommend the use of a quality BBQ pellet that you can trust if you are using it for cooking or smoking foods.


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